Touzimsky Kapital +

Touzimsky Kapital | Prague

Year: 2018
Project and complete realization of interior including lighting

architect: designer Ondřej Karpianus
author photos: Petr Janžura

Oracle +

Oracle | Prague

Year: 2016
Supply and installation of lighting and interior elements - cabinets and wardrobes tables, upholstered seating, work desks in phone boxes, barpals, sitting steps, seating steps, kitchen, corian reception, screen at the reception, acoustic wall tiling,

architect of the building: Jakub Cigkler Architects
Interior Designer: Ian Bryan Architects.

CPI Group Quadrio +

CPI Group Quadrio | Prague

Year: 2015
EXX designed and projected the entrance lobby and the top management offices of the CPI company in Quadrio building. At the same time it delivered interior (atypical furniture, reception desk, carpets, hangers) and lighting with adjustable lighting modes. In the project was also used so-called "smart coating" that transforms the walls in the writable area. Moreover, it enables with use of the special markers to record notes, save them or stream to other devices.

architect: Ing.arch. Hana Majerčíková, designér Ondřej Karpianus
photographer: Petr Janžura

Generali Insurance Company +

Generali Insurance Company | Prague

Year: 2015
Complete realization of entrance lobby including lighting, atypical furniture and reception desk made from corian.

photographer: Petr Janžura

Faurecia +

Faurecia | Mladá Boleslav

Year: 2013
Complete delivery of interior furniture and lighting solution

architect: designér Ing. Ondřej Karpianus
photographer: Petr Janžura

Crystal +

Crystal | Prague

Year: 2015
Delivery of the reception desk of CORIAN, laminated walls, turnstiles, atypical furniture, mail lockers and lighting in the entrance hall, then the glass paneling in the elevator lobby.

architect: Autoři architektonického řešení budovy: Atelier 15 (Libor Hrdouška, Radek Lampa); autoři architektonického řešení interiéru vstupní haly a výtahových lobby budovy: PATA&FRYDECKÝ ARCHITEKTI (Václav Frydecký)
photographer: Petr Janžura

Abra +

Abra | Prague

Year: 2015
Design and delivery of reception facilities, fitness trail, kitchen, dressing rooms and copy centre. Supply of furniture, tiles in the entrance lobby and office wall stickers.

architect: designér Ondřej Karpianus
photographer: Petr Janžura