We guarantee that all relevant parameters for each project are accomplished!

accomplishment the design requirements * guaranteeing the functionality, durability and durability of the equipment * compliance with technical standards * high quality materials and products * maximum comfort and safety for customers * accomplishment brand design requirements * warranty and service * environmental friendliness

We provide comprehensive services at all stages of the contract:

interior design or co-operation with the interior designer * coordination of professions * schedule management * processing of production documentation and DSP * sampling * turnkey implementation * guarantee and service * guarantee of compliance with technical standards * fulfillment of design requirements * possibility to realize the order without interrupting the operation of the building

We can equip all types of buildings (shopping centres, boutiques, restaurants and bars, hotels, sports and wellness facilities, branches of banks, insurance companies, medical facilities, other public spaces) all types of premises in the building (business units, lobby and communal areas, areas, backgrounds - cloakrooms, toilets, technical, food courts, restaurants, bars, navigation and information systems, offices)

We are involved in the realization of many of the largest shopping centres across Czech Republic and Slovakia:

Shopping centre Chodov * Shopping centre Černý Most * Igy České Budějovice * Galerie Fénix Praha * Central Jablonec * Central Kladno * Quadrio * Eperia Prešov * Gallery Martin * Futurum Kolín

Campus Brno +

Campus Brno

Year: 2019 - 2020
Supply of interior equipment of food court and supply of lighting.
C&A +


Year: 2018
Dodávka interiérového vybavení pro nadnárodní řetězec Clemense a Augusta. Zakázková truhlářská výroba stojanů a převlékacích kabin.
OC forum Ústí +

OC forum Ústí

Year: 2018
Atypical furniture, ceilings, lighting, children's corner, furniture, floristry, flower pots, relax zones, dispensers and portals, signage
Premium Outlet Prague Airport +

Premium Outlet Prague Airport | Prague

Year: 2018
Interior and exterior lighting, design and interior design of selected boutiques
Bechstein +


Year: 2019
Complete delivery of interior lighting, interior design and implementation
NC Fénix +

NC Fénix | Prague

Year: 2018
Lighting of garages and shopping mall, food court facilities and relaxation zones
Bory Mall +

Bory Mall | Bratislava

Year: 2015
Realization of corian elements (bars, trees, children's playground, flowerpots, information kiosk, power columns). Delivery of tables and chairs to the food court.

photographer: Petr Janžura

Quadrio +

Quadrio | Prague

Year: 2016
Delivery of corian benches, flower pots, information totems and tables. Delivery of atypical furniture including carpets, floor lamps (Bow model from Rendl light studio) and light signs.

photographer: Petr Janžura