We guarantee that all relevant parameters for each project are accomplished!

meeting the design requirements * guaranteeing the functionality, durability and durability of the equipment * compliance with technical standards * high quality materials and products * maximum comfort and safety for customers * meeting brand design requirements * warranty and service * environmental friendliness

We provide comprehensive services at all stages of the contract:

project of interior design or interaction with interior architect * coordination of professions * schedule management * processing of production documentation and DSP * sampling * turnkey implementation * guarantee and service * guarantee of compliance with technical standards * fulfillment of design requirements * possibility of realization of the order without interruption of operation of the building

We can equip all types of facilities (fitness centers, gym, sports halls, wellness centers, spa, aqua parks, beauty salons) and all types of premises in the building (sports areas, reception, backgrounds, restaurants and bars, cloakrooms, toilets and showers, spaces, etc.)