lighting solutions


We guarantee that all relevant parameters for each project are accomplished!

compliance with standards * compliance with the LEED, BREEAM building certification requirements * compliance with design requirements * compliance with lighting parameters * providing visual comfort for work with the computer * safety in the building * energy savings * available maintenance * quality and durability of luminaires


We provide comprehensive services at all stages of the contract:

Lighting project * Coordination with the project of electrical and other technologies in the building * Integration with the management system * Coordination in the preparation and implementation phase * Sampling * Project management * Lighting design services * Warranty and service * Guarantee of compliance with the technical standards * Accomplishment the parameters for certification of buildings in the area energy savings and sustainability (LEED, BREEAM, etc.) * Coordination and advisory activities

lighting fixtures for all types of buildings (modern office parks, existing office buildings) and interiors (offices, entrance hall, common areas - toilets, technical rooms, garages, restaurants and canteens, exteriors and facades, emergency lighting)

TV Prima Vinice +

TV Prima Vinice | Prague

Year: 2020
Supply of interior furniture and lighting to the headquarter of Television Prima. The lighting was installed in all common areas, offices and reception in multifunction building Vinice.
Touzimsky Kapital +

Touzimsky Kapital | Prague

Year: 2018
Project and complete realization of interior including lighting

architect: designer Ondřej Karpianus
author photos: Petr Janžura

Oracle +

Oracle | Prague

Year: 2016
Supply and installation of lighting and interior elements - cabinets and wardrobes tables, upholstered seating, work desks in phone boxes, barpals, sitting steps, seating steps, kitchen, corian reception, screen at the reception, acoustic wall tiling,

architect of the building: Jakub Cigkler Architects
Interior Designer: Ian Bryan Architects.

CPI Group Quadrio +

CPI Group Quadrio | Prague

Year: 2015
EXX designed and projected the entrance lobby and the top management offices of the CPI company in Quadrio building. At the same time it delivered interior (atypical furniture, reception desk, carpets, hangers) and lighting with adjustable lighting modes. In the project was also used so-called "smart coating" that transforms the walls in the writable area. Moreover, it enables with use of the special markers to record notes, save them or stream to other devices.

architect: Ing.arch. Hana Majerčíková, designér Ondřej Karpianus
photographer: Petr Janžura

Commercial Bank +

Commercial Bank | Prague

Year: 2013
lighting design and implementation

photographer: Petr Janžura

Main Point Karlín +

Main Point Karlín | Prague

Year: 2011
office floor lamps, hanging lamps in the hallways at the office, hanging lights in meeting rooms, lights in the conference room in 10th floor

architect: DaM s.r.o.
photographer: Petr Janžura

Janáčkovo nábřeží 39 +

Janáčkovo nábřeží 39 | Prague

Year: 2015
Lighting delivery to entrance hall, offices and luxury apartments. A luxury bathroom furnishing.

architect: RN Praha s.r.o. - Akad. arch. Ing. Rudolf Netík
photographer: Petr Janžura

Enterprise Office Center +

Enterprise Office Center | Prague

Year: 2015
Supply of luminaries and calculation of lighting in common areas and fit outs (garages, reception).

architect: Doc. Ing. arch. Vladimír Krátký
photographer: Petr Janžura