lighting solutions


We guarantee that all relevant parameters for each project are accomplished!


compliance with standards * compliance with lighting parameters * suitable choice of luminaires for individual rooms * visual comfort and security in the building * meeting design requirements * energy savings * integration with control system * available maintenance * quality and durability of luminaires


We provide comprehensive services at all stages of the contract:

Lighting project * Coordination with the project Electro and other technology projects in the building * Energy and financial optimization * Coordination in the preparation and implementation phase * Project management * Environmental friendliness * Repayment from savings achieved * Warranty and service * Guarantee of compliance with technical standards * Coordination and counseling * advice on obtaining subsidies

lighting fixtures for all types of buildings (schools and educational buildings, cultural objects - museums, theaters, galleries, historical buildings - castles, chateaus, churches, offices, other public spaces) and interiors (entrance areas, exhibition spaces, , exteriors and facades, emergency lighting)

Erste Česká spořitelna +

Erste Česká spořitelna | Prague

Year: 2018
design and implementation of lighting
CinemaCity Flora +

CinemaCity Flora

Year: 2019
Complete delivery of multiplex lighting, corian countertops and light commercials. Toilet revitalization and production of advertising logos.
Bílek´s villa +

Bílek´s villa | Prague

Year: 2010
design and supply of interior and exterior lighting

architect: Ing. arch. Jiří Novák, Surpmo
photographer: Petr Janžura

Commercial Bank +

Commercial Bank | Prague

Year: 2013
lighting design and implementation

photographer: Petr Janžura

Church st. Jan Nepomucký +

Church st. Jan Nepomucký | Prague

Year: 2010
design and supply of interior lights

architect: Ing. arch. Michal Ibl
photographer: Petr Janžura

JK Tyl Theatre +

JK Tyl Theatre | Plzeň

Year: 2014
Design and delivery of interior lighting and facade of the theater

architect: Akad. Arch. Vladimír Kružík, Ing. Arch. Libor Krištůfek, Ing. Arch. Tomáš Lapka, Ing. Petr Jíleček
photographer: Petr Janžura

Lexum +

Lexum | Prague

Year: 2012
Complete delivery of interior furniture and lighting solution

architect: Linhart architects, Ing. arch. Richard Heger
photographer: EXX


ČSOB | Prague

Year: 2007
design and supply of luminaires, lighting control system and Venetian blinds
Archbishopric of Prague +

Archbishopric of Prague | Prague

Year: 2013
illumination of paintings in the audience hall of the Prague Archbishopric

photographer: Petr Janžura

Enterprise Office Center +

Enterprise Office Center | Prague

Year: 2015
Supply of luminaries and calculation of lighting in common areas and fit outs (garages, reception).

architect: Doc. Ing. arch. Vladimír Krátký
photographer: Petr Janžura