lighting solutions


We guarantee that all relevant parameters for each project are accomplished.

compliance with standards * creation of the desired atmosphere * innovative solutions * fulfillment of design requirements * conformity with brand identity * light design service * compliance with light parameters * visual comfort and safety * energy savings * quality and durability of luminaires

We provide comprehensive services at all stages of the contract:

project of lighting * electro project * coordination with projects of other technologies in the building * integration with the management system or its project * coordination in the preparation and implementation phase * sampling * project management * guarantee and service * guarantee of technical standards * coordination and advisory aktivity

lighting fixtures for all types of buildings (boutiques, shopping centers, department stores, markets) and interiors (business units, entrance lobby and common areas of relax areas, backgrounds - toilets, technical garages, food courts, exteriors and facades, emergency lighting)

Campus Brno +

Campus Brno

Year: 2019 - 2020
Supply of interior equipment of food court and supply of lighting.
C&A +


Year: 2018
Dodávka interiérového vybavení pro nadnárodní řetězec Clemense a Augusta. Zakázková truhlářská výroba stojanů a převlékacích kabin.
OC forum Ústí +

OC forum Ústí

Year: 2018
Atypical furniture, ceilings, lighting, children's corner, furniture, floristry, flower pots, relax zones, dispensers and portals, signage
Premium Outlet Prague Airport +

Premium Outlet Prague Airport | Prague

Year: 2018
Interior and exterior lighting, design and interior design of selected boutiques
Bechstein +


Year: 2019
Complete delivery of interior lighting, interior design and implementation
NC Fénix +

NC Fénix | Prague

Year: 2018
Lighting of garages and shopping mall, food court facilities and relaxation zones