lighting solutions


The smart system must be added value, not to be a complication for the user!

energy saving * easier control * lowering maintenance costs * optimizing light parameters * increasing visual and comfort in the building * extending the life of luminaires * increasing the value of the object

We provide comprehensive services in the projection, implementation and service of intelligent systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications:

project of the system * coordinate with the project of electro, MaR and other technologies in the building * cooperation in defining required system functions * select optimal technology for a particular object * design optimal user interface * coordinate with other professions in preparation and implementation * system components and controls * Warranty * Service contract * Advisory activity


We can provide inteligent systems for all types of objects (industrial buildings, sports grounds, office buildings, residential buildings, concert halls, theaters) using different technologies (DALI - automatic regulation according to set criteria - time functions, presence, daylight, WIRELESS systems without intervention in an existing installation, suitable for public lighting, KNX - complete systems for integrated control of all technologies in the building, HOME - systems for home applications including integration with appliances, including wireless solutions, RGB - possibility of combination with scenic lighting)