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lighting projects * electro projects * project documentation * coordination during the preparation and implementation phase * project management * guarantee and service * guarantee of optimal lighting parameters and compliance with standards * energy and financial optimization * environmental friendliness * increased safety of operation and visual comfort * services Light of lighting Designer * Coordination and Counseling Activities

range of products:

luminaires for all types of interiors * industrial luminaires * exterior luminaires * street lighting * emergency lighting

1 getting ready

Preparation stage can take between 2-4 weeks depending on the scale of the projects, it is the most important stage of the whole projects as here we are setting the goals, criterias, we gather all information including your expectations, so we both can work in team and deliver the best service and lightning and electrical solution possible.

getting ready

2 detailed project

Perfectly done project documentation will save you money, nerves and time ... which is again money and nerves. After step 1 we will start scatching and creating the study. Here is where all the creative ideas come through and we get together the knowledge if we are going in right direction, according to your expectations and criteria set. After mutual agreement, we will start working on project documentation, which scope can reflect only lighting solutions, but also full electric and smart solution documentation.

detailed project

3 budget

Part of a good project is to meet budget limits. 


4 implementation

And here is where the real things start. At the beginning of this step, we fix the time scedule, we help you tender the suppliers and realisation firms. Most of the services we provide with our experienced team, which will save a lots of hustle and money by working seamlessly and efficiently. The project is usualy split in phasing (depending on the scale) and we insist on control meetings with client to ensure that expectations are met. After all is done, we clean it, polish it ... and light it and enjoy it!


5 service & quarantee

In EXX, we provide all our clients with fair guarantee policy. We know that the service and guarantee creates the quality supplier. If project requires, we set the service maintanace schedule, or we are simply „on-line“ to help with anything clients needs. We use only best quality materials and experienced brands, which help us to guarantee or work without blink of the eye.

service & quarantee
TV Prima Vinice +

TV Prima Vinice | Prague

Year: 2020
Supply of interior furniture and lighting to the headquarter of Television Prima. The lighting was installed in all common areas, offices and reception in multifunction building Vinice.
Grand Hotel Hradec +

Grand Hotel Hradec | Pec pod Sněžkou

Year: 2020
Project and realization of lighting in new four stars hotel in Pec pod Sněžkou. The supply included: exterior and interior lighting: lobby, reception, hotel restaurant, bar and other common areas.
Campus Brno +

Campus Brno

Year: 2019 - 2020
Supply of interior equipment of food court and supply of lighting.
C&A +


Year: 2018
Dodávka interiérového vybavení pro nadnárodní řetězec Clemense a Augusta. Zakázková truhlářská výroba stojanů a převlékacích kabin.
Erste Česká spořitelna +

Erste Česká spořitelna | Prague

Year: 2018
design and implementation of lighting
OC forum Ústí +

OC forum Ústí

Year: 2018
Atypical furniture, ceilings, lighting, children's corner, furniture, floristry, flower pots, relax zones, dispensers and portals, signage
Premium Outlet Prague Airport +

Premium Outlet Prague Airport | Prague

Year: 2018
Interior and exterior lighting, design and interior design of selected boutiques
Bechstein +


Year: 2019
Complete delivery of interior lighting, interior design and implementation
Touzimsky Kapital +

Touzimsky Kapital | Prague

Year: 2018
Project and complete realization of interior including lighting

architect: designer Ondřej Karpianus
author photos: Petr Janžura

CinemaCity Flora +

CinemaCity Flora

Year: 2019
Complete delivery of multiplex lighting, corian countertops and light commercials. Toilet revitalization and production of advertising logos.
NC Fénix +

NC Fénix | Prague

Year: 2018
Lighting of garages and shopping mall, food court facilities and relaxation zones
Oracle +

Oracle | Prague

Year: 2016
Supply and installation of lighting and interior elements - cabinets and wardrobes tables, upholstered seating, work desks in phone boxes, barpals, sitting steps, seating steps, kitchen, corian reception, screen at the reception, acoustic wall tiling,

architect of the building: Jakub Cigkler Architects
Interior Designer: Ian Bryan Architects.

Bílek´s villa +

Bílek´s villa | Prague

Year: 2010
design and supply of interior and exterior lighting

architect: Ing. arch. Jiří Novák, Surpmo
photographer: Petr Janžura

CPI Group Quadrio +

CPI Group Quadrio | Prague

Year: 2015
EXX designed and projected the entrance lobby and the top management offices of the CPI company in Quadrio building. At the same time it delivered interior (atypical furniture, reception desk, carpets, hangers) and lighting with adjustable lighting modes. In the project was also used so-called "smart coating" that transforms the walls in the writable area. Moreover, it enables with use of the special markers to record notes, save them or stream to other devices.

architect: Ing.arch. Hana Majerčíková, designér Ondřej Karpianus
photographer: Petr Janžura

Private villa Podoli +

Private villa Podoli | Prague

Year: 2016
Interior design and implementation, including delivery of furniture. Delivery of a part of lights.

architect: Ing. Ondřej Karpianus (projekce a dodávka interiéru), Ing. Arch. Jaroslav Zaťko (projekce a návrh domu)
photographer: Petr Janžura

Private villa +

Private villa | Czech Republic

Year: 2014
interior design and delivery incl. decorative lighting

architect: Ing. Ondřej Karpianus
photographer: Petr Janžura

Commercial Bank +

Commercial Bank | Prague

Year: 2013
lighting design and implementation

photographer: Petr Janžura

Main Point Karlín +

Main Point Karlín | Prague

Year: 2011
office floor lamps, hanging lamps in the hallways at the office, hanging lights in meeting rooms, lights in the conference room in 10th floor

architect: DaM s.r.o.
photographer: Petr Janžura

Church st. Jan Nepomucký +

Church st. Jan Nepomucký | Prague

Year: 2010
design and supply of interior lights

architect: Ing. arch. Michal Ibl
photographer: Petr Janžura

12 Lofts +

12 Lofts | Prague

Year: 2010
complete design and realization of interior

architect: John Eisler
photographer: Petr Janžura

JK Tyl Theatre +

JK Tyl Theatre | Plzeň

Year: 2014
Design and delivery of interior lighting and facade of the theater

architect: Akad. Arch. Vladimír Kružík, Ing. Arch. Libor Krištůfek, Ing. Arch. Tomáš Lapka, Ing. Petr Jíleček
photographer: Petr Janžura

Lexum +

Lexum | Prague

Year: 2012
Complete delivery of interior furniture and lighting solution

architect: Linhart architects, Ing. arch. Richard Heger
photographer: EXX


ČSOB | Prague

Year: 2007
design and supply of luminaires, lighting control system and Venetian blinds
Archbishopric of Prague +

Archbishopric of Prague | Prague

Year: 2013
illumination of paintings in the audience hall of the Prague Archbishopric

photographer: Petr Janžura

Janáčkovo nábřeží 39 +

Janáčkovo nábřeží 39 | Prague

Year: 2015
Lighting delivery to entrance hall, offices and luxury apartments. A luxury bathroom furnishing.

architect: RN Praha s.r.o. - Akad. arch. Ing. Rudolf Netík
photographer: Petr Janžura

Football stadium Karviná +

Football stadium Karviná | Karviná

Year: 2016

architect: Projektantem osvětlení a to pouze hrací plochy, byla společnost LPC.

Football stadium Pilsen +

Football stadium Pilsen | Pilsen

Year: 2012
lighting implementation

photographer: Ing. Novotný

Enterprise Office Center +

Enterprise Office Center | Prague

Year: 2015
Supply of luminaries and calculation of lighting in common areas and fit outs (garages, reception).

architect: Doc. Ing. arch. Vladimír Krátký
photographer: Petr Janžura