We have been working with corian and custom made atypical interior elements for 10 years,. We are constantly improving our production processes and acquiring new experience which enables us to implement complex projects.

Our manufacturing process includes:

preparation of production documentation * technical preparation * solution of complex technical and aesthetic details * selection of suitable materials and sampling * production itself * assembly

We are a certified manufacturer of compact materials (Dupont CorianR, LG Hi-Macs, etc.) ideal for the production of washbasins, receptions, wall tiles and atypical interior elements for any object including spaces with extraordinary hygiene requirements. We can realize interior elements from all materials - wood, glass, metal, compact materials, stone etc. Thanks to our own team of architects, we can create our own design or solve complicated details.

We have a fully-fledged manufacturing facility that guarantees the production process from design to assembly and completion on site: technologist * production preparation and calculation * 15 experienced joiner, corian and assembly specialists * project managers * joinery workshop + storage space of size 1.500m2

Mamaison Hotels & Residences +

Mamaison Hotels & Residences

Year: 2019
Complete apartment equipment, joinery, furniture